The tools we use to make gangsterism and violent revolution a non-attractive option for change and close the socioeconomic gap within these communities.


Using specialised therapy, we focus on the rehabilitation of the youth who have had their lives disrupted by gangsterism or drug abuse as well as empower teenage mothers with the skills to take care of their children while they continue their high school career. We also offer a career programme to assist rehabilitated youth and matriculating mothers to enter the working world.

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Using art therapy sessions and social cohesion seminars, we aim to stimulate self-worth by motivating gang members and community leaders to start a dialogue about peace and social cohesion in traumatised communities. One of the projects “Die Glas Ennie Draad” is an award-winning theatrical production based on a true story, performed at some of South Africa’s most notorious maximum-security prisons. Including Pollsmoor Prison in front of an audience of 200 inmates.

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Through detailed analysis of each family and the level of poverty in these households, we then formulate a plan so that they may overcome the challenges that face them. We strive to create a sense of cultural pride through heritage restoration and identity seminars. Our aim is to help people understand where they come from and how they fit into the bigger picture.

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Cultivate skills within developing communities, in career sectors with a high potential for job creation. The programme affords the chance for community engagement, forging of relationships with surrounding businesses and most importantly employment.

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