Addressing Gender-Based Violence in South Africa.


Gender-Based Violence Multi-purpose Restoration Centre - 1 year program

Creating 100 new job opportunities every year in agriculture for female survivors of Gender-Based Violence in 2021 and beyond.

The main objective of this initiative is to provide economic freedom for survivors of gender-based violence and other women-at-risk. Most restoration centres provide women-at-risk with the opportunity to heal and process their trauma but do not take into consideration the exit-strategy or reintegration of women into society. Most women end up returning to their abusive environment because of economic dependancy. We want to give women the choice to decide where and how to live after this one-year program by providing them with economic freedom.

The Ruben Richards Foundation has partnered with Namakwaland Sitrus (Pty) Ltd, a black-owned commercial agricultural enterprise since 2019, located on the West Coast of the Western Cape, to create 100 new job opportunities for female survivors of Gender-based violence and other women-at-risk.

Namakwaland Sitrus has dedicated its 180ha vegetable farm (the size of 180 rugby fields) in Graafwater named Goliatskraal to achieve this objective of restoration and healing for vulnerable women.

The goal is to build a multi-purpose restoration centre, early-childhood development centre and after-care facility for vulnerable women and their children.

The women and children will be accommodated, fed, protected and provided with professional therapeutic services for 1 year. The vulnerable women will also work on the vegetable farm, earn a stipend and attended an up-skilling program.


We are currently looking for donors/ funders/ partners to help us jump start this venture.

Please contact Daniel Mpilo Richards for further discussions.